our guiding light

London Blue Topaz: this season's pick.

Get inspired with our 2023 style edit.

Here's your cheatsheet for spring style:

01 The answer is always emerald

In case anybody's asking.

02 Give us some texture

We love minimal cuts (see point 01) but this season (and all this yeaar) we want to see more detail, and more gritty, intricate shapes. We're having a tactile moment.

03 and some colorful London Blue Topaz

Our unofficial Northern Star.


We're back in NYC. So naturally, we're giving you a taste of some city looks.

Need we say more? Scroll for case in action.

why we love texture

Cultivating the shape of authenticity in ourselves (and our jewelry).

Texture is our personal obsession (always, and especially for spring). Our Textured Rings are a #wilde take on the classic signet style, and include detailed etchings across the outer surface It's a design detail meant to evoke memories of our landscape and our humanity: irregularity, authenticity, and natural beauty.

We keep it minimal at most times (ahem, Manhattan Collection) but the textured look is core to how we started as a label. Our first preliminary jewelry designs began with sketches of seashells collected from the waters of Perth, Australia. The natural curves and edges of the shells reminded us of the enduring, beautiful, and irregular texture found on our our skin & body and the great connection we have to the different places on the planet (Perth, Nepal, and yes, the concrete environment of NYC).

It's a reminder to confidently embrace your imperfect and real edges, and at all times, be #wilde.

Gem of the season: London Blue Topaz

London Blue Topaz is the middle ground for two beloved stones: blue sapphire and regular topaz. It's a stone that reflects a shade of blue light enough to deliver shine, and dark enough to carry its own mystery (precisely why we chose it for this design).

The Basis Blue Topaz Pendant is a 18k gold vermeil pendant on a small twist chain. Its elongated shape and rounded edges provide a memorable combination of elegance—it's how one might stand tall after finding your inner balance.

Add it to your collection for a bit of color and re-centering.

The Basis Blue Topaz Bracelet & Textured Blue Topaz Ring.

Styled to remember all our beautiful summer days.