It's all about personality, really.

Any good fashion illustrator knows it's the certain element of character that brings the clothing to life in a medium like digital fashion illustration. It's truly art on iPad, eye candy of the most indelible form, and yes, we're here for it.

Trivia Hiller is one of our favorite newcomers to the freelance scene in NYC. She's been developing her practice for years, but at 24, she's decided to take the plunge into the world of freelance. We sat down with the artist to talk self-expression, fashion, and her studio practice (and yes, right below is her *incredible* interpretation of the Danielle Emerald pieces from the Manhattan collection). Grab a cup of caffeine and read on.

Illustration of Danielle Emerald Pendant, Ring, and Studs from the Manhattan Collection by Trivia Hiller / @trivvidraws

Tell us who you are and what you do.

Hi! My name is Trivia. I’m a 24 year old fashion illustrator living in NYC. I moved here a year ago from Toronto, Canada, where I received my Bachelor’s of Design in Fashion Communications. 

What inspired you to get into fashion illustration?

Probably my mum initially! She has always been artistic and had dreams of being a fashion designer herself at one point. Growing up, she was creative and I always loved playing in her closet. I think that having a parent who just “understood” being an artist made me feel empowered to take a creative path myself. Fashion illustration isn’t the most lucrative career, but both of my parents were very supportive of me following my passion. 

When I went to University, it became clear that illustration was where I excelled, specifically fashion illustration. In my four years of school, my illustration classes were by far my favorite courses. I loved that I was able to merge fashion and art, without having to physically sew or pattern draft. Fun fact, I majored in Fashion Design my first year, but realized that I didn’t enjoy the technical side of designing. 

My dad gifted me an iPad in 2017 and the rest was history. I instantly became obsessed with digital drawing, and all of the ways I could manipulate my artwork with the click of a button. It opened up a whole new world. Trivvidraws was born shortly after; friends would ask me to draw them, and the next thing I knew, I had a small business. Now I truly cannot imagine pursuing anything else. 

Illustrations by Trivia Hiller / @trivvidraws

How would you describe your personal style? How does your personal style influence your illustration style (or vice versa)?

Haha, I dress like such a wannabe skater girl! I think that baggy clothes are the besttt, not only because of the “aesthetic”, but also cause let’s be real, it’s way more comfy. I also love prints and colors, which is definitely a trend that you’ll see in my illustration style. I would much rather draw a big, furry coat with flowers all over it, rather than a sleek black dress. I think that pattern and color is the spice of life, and it makes me happy to wear/draw it.

We love NYC (our brand is based here!). How long have you lived in the city? Tell us what you love about living here.

I’ve lived here just over a year now. It’s been a whirlwind! I LOVE that everything is walkable, and you will simply never be bored here. Those two go hand in hand; on the rare occasion that I am bored, I go on a walk, and it’s solved. There is so much to see and do, I feel like I’ve hardly scratched the surface. It keeps life super exciting.

Illustrations by Trivia Hiller / @trivvidraws

We see fashion illustration as the representation of people through the lens of style. In particular, what message do you want to send in your work about the representation of women?

I’ve been searching for a deeper meaning in my artwork for a while now. At this point, the best I’ve been able to come up with is this: I want the women I draw to feel really freakin’ cool, because they are. I always get comments like “you made me look so good” or “I wish I looked like this in real life”, to which I reply that the artwork is literally based on them! They are cool, and beautiful, and all of the lovely compliments they give my artwork should be directed towards themselves, x 10! I’m in the business of making women feel good!! It’s always so flattering when the women I draw make my art their phone lock screen or Instagram profile photo… that’s how I know I’ve done my job.

Describe your studio practice and work rhythm.

Lately, to be completely honest, it’s been drawing whenever I have a second of free time! I’ve had a full-time retail job the past year, which was an adjustment when trying to find time to illustrate. What I found is that I have to make my own time. I wake up early, get a couple of client commissions in before work, draw on my lunch break, and draw when I come home. I’ve joked to my friends that it feels like all I do these days is work and draw.

Really exciting news though, just this week I’ve made the decision to leave my retail job and pursue illustration full-time!! Ask me this question again in a few months once I’ve settled into my new lifestyle ;-) In all seriousness though, I am so eager to be able to wake up and dedicate each day to my illustration business. I’m super Type-B and unstructured, which can be a curse and a blessing, but despite being laid back, I always manage to get my work done. I’m currently daydreaming about slow mornings where I can start my day with an iced coffee and sketch in bed. I’ll probably spend my time between coffee shops and pitching my work around NYC!

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