Opportunities for women who need it the most.

The Nepal Program is our initiative to support women in Nepal.

Our program supports the women of the Grace Center, an organization in Nepal that provides shelter, financial support, and employment opportunities to women who have recently left incarceration. Often, the women who have entered the prison system come from poverty and have little hope of finding employment otherwise. The mission of the Grace Center is exactly its namesake: show grace to these women, and give them a second chance at life.

Why Nepal?

Our label has personal connections to the Grace Center.

In 2015, Ballantyne Paige, the founder of our label, visited Nepal on a humanitarian trip. She visited the Grace Center and a nearby orphanage on this trip, during which the 2015 Nepal Earthquake struck. Ballantyne found herself fighting for survival with 15 orphans in her care. After finding safety, Ballantyne vowed to use her life to do good for others.

This jewelry label was founded on this mission, and from the start, it has always been part of its core purpose to provide employment opportunities for these women as they look to rebuild their lives.

Currently, all beaded pieces from our label are assembled and crafted by these women. 100% of the profits from the Beaded Collection go back to the Grace Center for allocation, distribution, and support for these women.

Gold vermeil pieces/pendants are currently produced using sustainable methods in San Francisco. The direction of the label is to gradually move manufacturing to Nepal and provide jobs for the women of the Grace Center.

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