We make confident, colorful, & dopamine-inspiring jewelry with familiar shapes and tactile textures. It's a bit of a play with parts of our memories and stories. It's the meeting point between challenge and fun; empowerment and vulnerability. We wear it to remember our past, our calling, our love—the world is wilde, and we take it in stride.

meet our founder

Ballantyne Paige

Known as ‘Billie’ to her friends, Australian-born Ballantyne Paige began working in the humanitarian space shortly after a visit to Nepal in 2015. Upon returning to Australia, she began working to build a jewelry brand that could represent ideals and help others. In 2021, Billie moved to NYC with her husband Pete, and launched her eponymous label.

our style manifesto

It’s the poetry of the jewelry experience.

It’s a style crescendo in the morning and the final bow before you go to sleep.

We like to think of jewelry as part of the visual orchestra in our style game. It's a play on texture and the embodiment of two of our favorite ideas: the textures of the earth, and what it feels like to be confident in our own skin.

There's beauty in the landscapes all around us, and we infuse the natural world into our jewelry. Our collections are named after iconic places in our own story and imbued with themes of courage, bravery, and strength. It's a reminder of the places we've been around the world, and the lessons that we’ve learned along the way.

We also make jewelry remind us of the confidence and authenticity we want to carry in the busy, wild world. We embrace the bumps along our skin, imperfections of our bodies, and the distinct edges and curves of our personalities. We bring the textures of ourselves to every facet of our jewelry.

It’s the combination of landscape, story, and texture we combine like orchestral splendor; infusing every piece with daring confidence and unforgettable style.

We create jewelry with respect to the planet.

100% recycled gold

80% of the gold used in our collections comes from recycled sources, and we're working to meet a 100% standard by the end of 2024.

Responsibly-sourced gemstones

All of the gemstones in our collections come from suppliers with strict sustainability and labor practices.

Textured, confident, bold.

Wear it in wilde.

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