Confident, colorful, & dopamine-inspiring jewelry. Express yourself in 18k gold vermeil.

about us

Everything about #wilde

When we began Billie Wilde, we wanted to find a way to create luxe jewelry that still expressed something real & authentic about our humanity: the textures of our skin, the unique imperfections of our bodies, and the complex beauty of the landscapes in which we find ourselves. It was also important for us to produce pieces that are also kind to the planet and kind to women.

Pops of color & texture for every look (everyday included).

Thoughtfully designed & consciously crafted.

We trace our story back to Perth, Australia, where we began designing jewelry in 2018 that felt like the symbols of our story.

Sketches of our initial jewelry designs began with two things: seashells found on the incredible Australian coast (our beautiful hometown), and memories of Nepal (the founder of our label survived the Nepal earthquake in 2015).

Our jewelry is made with sustainably sourced metals & gemstones, and a certain portion of our jewelry goes to helping women in underdeveloped nations survive their own environments (re: the Beaded Collection). They're meaningful accessories, meant to infuse any outfit with a bit of meaning, luxe, and everything wilde.

Adding a bit of high-end to your everyday look.

Meet our main metals

Gold Vermeil

Gold vermeil is a thick layer of gold over .925 sterling silver. We use 18k gold, which gives the piece extra color (the higher the karat, the greater the saturation). We keep it colorful & high quality in the world of wilde.

Rhodium Plated .925 Sterling Silver

We plate our .925 sterling silver pieces with high-quality rhodium, which helps to protect the skin from the traces of nickel typically found in the silver. It also provides a smoother shine and helps protect the piece from scratches typically found in sterling silver jewelry.

It's meaningful and beautiful jewelry for every moment in life.

Designed with intention, each piece is meant to carry the heart and story of what it means to be wilde.